We have sold to one of the world-leading developers of solutions and machinery for the production of panels a very long and wide roller conveyor line. This line is to be integrated in a major plant for panel production.

At both ends of the line there are cut-outs so that our customer can carry out the integration with other machines by installing special units.

The conveyor line which is 68.5 m long and 4 m wide consists of 4 conveyors, which can be transported in a lorry.

Usually we produce semi-standard based on our standard products, i.e. customized to the requirements and premises of the individual customer.  This conveyor, however, is 99.9 per cent non-standard and probably the longest straight conveyor we have ever produced.

We have previously designed and produced conveyor plants to for instance the production of wind turbine wings and for the construction of houses right from the floor to ready-to-move-in houses. So, we are experienced in producing large conveyor systems for both big and heavy goods.

The many conveyors on one of the photos are placed around in our shipping dept. but fortunately, they will be dispatched soon, so that we shall have more room for other products.