Industry 4.0 is the big buzzword right now. Industry 4.0 is the integration between the digital world and physical production. It is the idea that intelligent, collaborative productions and service networks can self-control elements across the span of industrial value chains. Industry 4.0 is the realistic idea of real-time production and product development using phenomena like Big Data, Internet of Things, advanced and automated production as well as delivery of services from a cloud-based service internet. This means that industrial strength – competitiveness – moves its focus from the ability to produce faster, better or less expensive for the ability to transform products and processes into digital formulas and distribute these formulas as services.

Efficient production – AGVs run 24 hours a day

Q-System have been manufacturing transport systems and logistics systems for over 60 years. This means that for 60 years we have been able to detect trends and tendencies in the development of new products that accompany industrial development. The same goes for industry 4.0. For several years, we have offered AGVs, which are self-propelled robots, for automation of productions for several industries. AVK International in Galten have several AGVs with roller conveyors for pallets up to 1000 kg. running in their production, which deliveres the pallets automatically to their destination. The AGVs follow a line in the floor and are equipped with safety sensors all the way around, so they automatically stop, if something gets in the way. Recently, in cooperation with EK Automation, AGVs, equipped with forks, have been delivered to the Herlev Hospital’s fully automated goods reception. Here the AGVs will pick up and bring goods to the whole hospital. Each cart coming in is being scanned and sends the signal to the AGV, which detects the cart’s end stop. They can take the elevator themselves and when their battery is running out, they can find their way to their charging station. As one of the leaders in the market, we have also held various workshops on just AGVs and how they can streamline any production.

Data collection and data logging is the newest addition to the module program

In addition to the AGVs, we have introduced Q-Log and Q-Data, which is a data collection and data analysis tool – allowing you to keep an eye on every aspect of production wherever you are in the world through an app. You can also analyze your production and see where there is room for optimization. The Q-Data module is for data collection. It is a database for communication between PLC controllers and, for example, existing WMS systems.