Q-System named a Gazelle business 2017

Q-System: Expertise in Internal Logistics Solutions

It is said that you can not teach old dogs new tricks – it does not apply when we talk about Q-System. We have been around since 1955 and are today one of the few remaining manufacturers in Denmark of internal logistics solutions.

To be named a Gazelle company by Børsen, the company must grow continuously and at least double its turnover or gross profit over four financial years. What have we done to achieve this honor?

For over 60 years, we have delivered complete, tailor-made transport and handling solutions with complicated controls for all industries and project types, providing extensive knowledge about what’s “moving” in the logistics world and a great expertise in making projects where the input and focus is on optimization of production, improvement of the working environment and not least a quick payback.

In addition to sales in Denmark, we have developed into an absolute export company with large projects in Sweden. Companies like Tetra Pak, IKEA, Hilding Anders, Scapa and a number of companies in the wood industry have all had projects provided by Q-System. In Denmark, companies such as Bestseller and Post Nord can be mentioned as some of the regular customers.

With the great development in e-commerce, we have also specialized in delivering solutions for distribution warehouses throughout northern Europe, where companies such as Prime Cargo and Matas have used Q-System systems for packet sorting.

The next step forward for us is a further focus on automation and industry 4.0. We have been working on AGV solutions for a long time, and the next module in this development is Q-Log – a data collection and analysis tool for further optimization. Thus, in the future, or rather already now, you can get complete logistics solutions delivered and produced by Q-System.