Q-System will focus even more on selling the PallEvator pallet dispensers abroad

Danish companies like Styropack, Faerch Plast, the Danish postal service, Post Nord, and Biltema contribute to increased sales of PallEvator dispensers on the home market. The four companies have been so happy with the reliability of the dispensers and the quick assistance from Q-System in the case of a problem that they have now chosen the PallEvator to be the favourite brand.

The Danish postal service Post Nord have 17 dispensers installed in their distribution centres, the Biltema chain have a PallEvator installed in each of their many shops in Denmark, Styropack have recently bought yet another dispenser and Faerch Plast have had six PallEvators installed in their U.K. factory.

“Today we sell our materials handling solutions directly to our foreign customers and through local integrators, Stefan Stokvad, who is in charge of sales of the PallEvators, explains. However, we see an opportunity to extend our foreign sales through a distributor network for our pallet dispensers, and we are in this process already.

Our all-electric stand-alone pallet dispensers can easily be converted into in-line dispensers by placing a roller conveyor at the bottom of the dispenser, and this could be the first step towards a conveyor system. As our foreign distributors usually sell other products too it is natural and an advantage to them to also sell our roller conveyors, both the light non-driven and the driven ones, and hereby be able to supply the units the customer will need when extending his materials handling system. We consider, therefore, our pallet dispensers a kind of “stepping stone” to our conveyor range,” Stefan Stokvad concludes.


The PallEvator pallet dispenser range comprises 10 stand-alone models and an in-line dispenser for integration in a conveyor system. The in-line model is always customised to suit the individual conveyor handling solution. All models are all-electric with a low energy consumption and are therefore very flexible and low maintenance.