The new “changeover station” at Kverneland of Norway is a big success and this concept will be used in the future.     Stefan Henriksson, who is in charge of the forging presses and spare parts, says: “our Japanese owners, Kubota, charged us with reducing the changeover time. The project is called DTR, i.e. Down Time Reduction, which is a part of the overall project of “Quick Die Changing” that applies to all our plants with forging presses.
We have been able to reduce the time spent on changing moulds from 55 to 5 minutes using this new solution, the so-called changeover station, supplied by Q-System and the hydraulic clamping system from Hilma Römheld. It is an absolute success, which we shall of course use for our other plants too,” Stefan Henriksson concludes.     Kverneland Group is a leading international company developing, producing and distributing agricultural machinery and services. The company was established back in 1879 and it has today factories and sales companies in many countries.
How could Kverneland reduce the changeover time so significantly? The purpose of the new solution comprising two elements; a motorized cart with two driven roller conveyors, and a separate driven roller conveyor, is to ease the insertion in and removal of moulds from the press; moulds which are used for shaping the plough parts.   Previously, they had to unscrew and remove manually the moulds from the press before the new tool could be inserted. This was lengthy and hard work as the moulds can weigh up to 1500 kg.   After the installation of the automatic Q-System solution the mould is now placed on a base plate, which is then placed by crane on one of the transfer cart’s two roller conveyors. The operator will push a button to start the cart which will drive ahead and stop automatically opposite the separate roller conveyor leading to the press.   The press operator will push again a button and the mould just used will be transported onto the motorized roller conveyor and further onto the free roller conveyor on the cart. He pushes again a button and the cart will now reposition itself so that the conveyor with the new mould is placed opposite the conveyor leading to the press. The roller conveyor will start up and transport the mould into the press.   The changeover station is a very heavy construction in order to handle the moulds weighing up to 1,500 kg.