The Danish Postal Service optimizes their pallet flow and work safety with electrical pallet dispensers from Q-System

Post Danmark’s parcel centre in Taulov has an increasing number of pallets due to growing numbers of customers. To manage a large amount of pallets they installed 10 PallEvator Q1 pallet dispensers that hold 15 pallets each. This means that they replace all their current pneumatic pallet dispensers, so they only have the electrical PallEvator Q1 pallet dispensers from Q-System.

Stabile and safe solution

“We receive many pallets in spurts, so we have to be able to get rid of the pallets before they pile up everywhere”, Kim Kristensen from Post Danmark in Taulov explains. “We have used pallet dispensers before, but they had the tendency to break down when we needed them the most”.

“It’s important, in a business like ours where we handle a large amount of pallets, that the pallet dispensers are reliable and don’t break down all the time – so we have found a stabile solution with the PallEvators from Q-System “, Kim Kristensen continues.

The Post Danmark division in Brøndby played a major factor in the decision, recommending the parcel center in Taulov to buy the PallEvators from Q-System. They have four PallEvators themselves and they are very satisfied with their solution.

The PallEvators are equipped with several safety measures, such as safety top frames securing the pallets from falling, and safety sensors at floor-level that stops the dispenser if e.g. a foot gets into the dispenser.

“We are very focused on the safety of our employees – a PallEvator fits perfectly into our safety standards”.

The green solution

With electrical pallet dispensers, like the PallEvator, Post Danmark’s division in Taulov will save up to 80 % in operational costs compared to pneumatic pallet dispensers, “We actually look forward to seeing the bill”. At the same time, an electrical pallet dispenser is very flexible, in the way that it can be placed anywhere, as long as there is an electrical output nearby.

All this sums up to an increased productivity and last but not least a better work environment at the parcel centre in Taulov.