Here you can see photos from some of the projects we have made.

Pallet Handling and Palletising

Handling and storage of pallets on roller and chain conveyors – a Q speciality

Based on our roller conveyor system Q89 with its capacity of up to 1,500 kg per m, we create individually designed customer solutions for handling and storage of parcels with a flat, solid bearing surface, pallets and raw materials in unprocessed sizes.

The Q89 conveyor system comprises modular standard units, including roller and chain conveyors, turn- and lifting tables, chain transfers, transfer carts, lifts etc.


Refrigeration and Cold Stores

High operational reliability, quicker handling, reduced energy wastage and improved working conditions. This is what you achieve by installing pallet conveyors in the cold-store.

In addition to the obvious faster conveyance of pallets into and out of cold-stores by means of roller conveyors as opposed to using trucks other benefits are achieved. E.g. the door to the cold-store can be much smaller than if a truck was to be used. This means reduced inlet of warm air and thus less waste of energy. And your employees will not be exposed to sudden shifts from the extremely cold air inside and the much warmer air outside the cold-store – temperature shifts that are not healthy at all.

We have built a special know-how within this area where demands on material strength are extremely heavy. Based on your requirements we design customized solutions for inlet/outtake of pallets and handling and storage on one-level  conveyors and in multi-level pallet racks.


Mattress Industry

Over the years Q-System have developed a great know-how within this field.

Therefore, we supply our bespoke solution to a number of internationally recognized mattress producers in Denmark and abroad.


Wood Industry

Q-System have developed and designed for many years solid solutions for all areas of production, right from the panel logistics in the intermediate storage over the intermediate transport and processing to the packaging, palletising, storage and shipment.


Storage Solutions

Multi-level Storage Solutions

Multi-level rolling racks,
where input and removal take place at their respective ends of the shelf, provide optimal utilization of the storage area and can be used to advantage for storing both raw materials, semi-fabricated and finished products ready for distribution.

Unmanned Store rooms with stationary pallet racks
where input and removal is carried out by Q loaders based on signals from the control system. This type of shelving is often used for storage of finished products ready for distribution.


Handling of Light Items

Based on our roller conveyor system Q60/67 with its capacity of up to 200 kg per m, we make customised solutions for handling light items and boxes with a flat bearing surface.

The Q60/67 roller conveyor systems consist of modular standard units and comprises among others non-driven and driven roller conveyors, turn- and lifting tables, transfer units and lifts.