Why should you choose Q-System?



– You speak directly with the manufacturer – without intermediary

– You get a customized solution based on standard modules

– You become part of the process from idea to finished plant

– You get an optimized production and a better working environment

Miscellaneous data

Company no .: 16440973VAT

Number. export: DK16787574

Bank:Nordea Bank Denmark, P.O. Box 72, DK-8100 Aarhus C

Account No .: 2211 0044 265117

S.W.I.F.T .: NDEADKKIBAN: DK6820000044265117

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In Q-System, we have more than 60 years of experience in designing and delivering material handling systems to all areas of production – and to all industries.

We focus not only on your specific needs here and now, but look closely at the material flow both before and after the department you want rationalized.

We are the safe choice.

Who has not bought from a supplier who later disappears?

In Q-System, we have delivered solid, future-proof solutions for more than 60 years, and we intend to continue.

We have a network of good collaborators at home and abroad who can provide the service and promise of quality requirements that are part of a Q solution on-site and out of the users of our transport solutions.


This is why we are the market leaders

We have own production of standard and customized modules

Our 3 product programs for  light, medium and heavy goods are based on a wide range of standard products, which can of course be adjusted in length, width, height and roller distances based on the current type of goods.

We are Scandinavia's strongest partners in total automation solutions

Based on our standard modules combined with the ready-made units, we design and deliver tailor-made logistics / handling solutions tailored to the individual customer’s circumstances and needs.


Proximity can be understood in several ways:

  1. We do not have the opportunity to know the terms of the individual company. Therefore, in our business, we are not just selling and buying; but on the other hand, partners who, in cooperation, find the optimal logistics solution for your company.
  2. Denmark has a good infrastructure, and Q-System is located in the heart of Denmark, a few kilometers outside Aarhus. Therefore, it is easy for our customers to visit us for discussion of the current project and then participate in the FAT test before shipment of the completed transport facility.

Our History

Q-System was established in 1955. At that time, the company produced steel bases for furniture.  After a few years, however, the product range was extended to comprise trucks and trolleys for internal transport and other supplementary equipment for the furniture industry. The production of the last-mentioned products became so extensive that the production of steel bases was sold to another company.

Based on Q-System’s very close connection with the furniture industry the company continued to grow and develop new product types and solutions for the wood industry – e.g. trucks with roller conveyors, non-driven and driven roller conveyors, transfer carts, belt conveyors etc. Later on, a system for pallet handling was developed – a system which is today used in all types of enterprises handling its products on pallets.


Q-System is still recognised as a lea­ding manufacturer of conveyor solutions for the part of the furniture industry that produces “ready to assemble” furniture and other pro­ducts based on panels but our focus and specialisation today is production equipment for the mattress industry and pallet handling solutions.

Out materials handling solutions are based on flexible, well-tested standard units for handling light, medium heavy and heavy goods. Based on these units we can design conveyor systems for all types of goods, right from light boxes to heavy pallets and other items with an even base.

To make the individual customer the right conveyor solution, however, these standard units are often combined with special units designed in a close co-operation between Q-System’s logistic experts and the individual customer. This ensures that the customer gets a solution that meets the requirements here and now but allows for future extensions as all modules can be combined, extended and added to.

Q-System has around 65 employees and an export share of approx. 80 per cent. Sales on the European export markets, USA and Canada are partly handled by our own salesmen, partly by local partners and integrators who in the nature of things know the culture of the country in question.