Conveyor System for Light Transport

Here at Q-System, we have extensive expertise in conveyor systems. With our many years of experience, we specialize in delivering customized solutions for the transportation and handling of lightweight goods and boxes.

By choosing Q-System, you not only get reliable and durable high-quality conveyors, but also our expertise and commitment to finding the best solution for your specific requirements. We are here to help you optimize your logistics and improve your handling of lightweight goods and boxes.

Q62 Conveyor med plastrull

Non-Driven Conveyors Q62-63

The driven conveyors of type Q60 are designed for transporting items weighing up to 200 kg per meter of conveyor. The goods can be transported manually or by gravity. In the latter case, the conveyor is installed with approximately 2-5% slope in the longitudinal direction.

The Q62 series of conveyors are equipped with adjustable height and a bracket that allows tilting of the conveyor. The conveyor is supplied with PVC rollers mounted with nylon or ball bearings.

Each section has a length of 2,000 mm.

The conveyor can be supplied with a floor mounting bracket, and we offer various widths of the conveyor to accommodate different needs.

Non-driven Conveyor Q63

Our gravity conveyor Q63 is a versatile and practical solution for transporting items weighing up to 200 kg per meter of conveyor. This conveyor is designed to ensure efficient and seamless movement of your goods and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The gravity conveyor Q63 is equipped with a wheel chassis, allowing easy and flexible transportation around your workplace or production area. The adjustable wheel chassis enables you to adjust the height of the conveyor to fit your specific requirements and ergonomic needs.

Non-driven Conveyor curve Q62

Supplied as 45° and 90° curve for assembly with straight conveyor sections.

Inner radius: Minimum length of the cargo. Standard 800 mm.
Outer radius: Inner radius + width of the conveyor

Non-driven Conveyor Q63

Featuring adjustable height and an adjustable bracket for tilting the conveyor. Steel rollers with ball bearings are supplied for the conveyor. The conveyor is often terminated with a fixed end stop.

Section length 2,000 mm. Available in various widths.

The conveyor can be equipped with a fixed or tiltable end stop and with side guidance.

Non-driven Conveyor curve, Q63

Supplied as 30º, 45º, 60º, and 90º curves with segmented or conical rollers, or alternatively with PVC or steel wheels.

Container unloading conveyor Q63

Supplied in sections of 2 or 3 meters. The conveyors have a declining frame height from 825 to 600 mm, with interlocking brackets and wheels at one end, allowing for easy movement of the conveyors using push handles.

Conveyor Merge

For transporting items from 2 conveyors to 1 conveyor. Supplied as standard with angles of 30° and 45° in both right and left configurations. In the powered version with a distribution arm, items can be distributed from 1 conveyor to 2 conveyors. The merge can also be built as a wheel track.

Kuglebane med omni-ruller

Conveyor with Omni-Rollers

Used for transporting lighter items such as plastic boxes, cardboard cartons, etc.

Standard wheel types, Ø50mm:

Steel wheels with ball bearings PVC wheels with ball bearings.

The wheel track is constructed according to the specific task.


Turn Section

  • Constructed with balls, the turn section is used as a turntable. Constructed with omni-rollers, it serves as an angle transfer. Shown here with omni-rollers.

Passage Hatch

Manual operation. Provides a passage option in a transportation system. For easier opening, it can be equipped with a counterweight, gas spring, or pneumatic lift.

Q67 driven roller conveyor

Driven Conveyors Q67 for Light Products

The driven conveyor system Q67 is designed for transporting lighter items and includes roller conveyors with round belt-driven steel rollers, curves, turntables, pushers, mill turners, belt conveyors, and angle transfers.

The standard components within the Q67 conveyor system form the basis for the often-customized installations tailored to the specific customer’s premises and needs.

Used for transporting goods weighing up to 200 kg per meter of conveyor.

Section lengths of 2,000 and 3,000 mm. Available in various widths.

Driven Roller Conveyor Curve

Curved section with conical rollers. Available as 45°, 90°, and 180° curves.


Used in conveyor systems for changing the direction of travel (from 10º up to 270º) and 180º flipping of items.

Chain Conveyor

Our chain conveyor is a reliable and efficient solution for transporting lighter items. It is part of our driven conveyor system Q67, which offers a wide range of components and options to build customized transport solutions.

Belt Conveyor Combined with Driven Conveyors with Built-in Angle Transfer

Our belt conveyor combined with driven conveyors with built-in angle transfer is a versatile and efficient solution for transporting items that require directional changes in your production environment. This unit is part of our comprehensive range of conveyor systems and accessories designed to optimize your production process.

Belt-Driven Angle Transfer Combined with Turntable

Our belt-driven angle transfer combined with a turntable is a versatile and efficient solution for the transportation and directional change of items in your production environment. This unit is part of our extensive range of conveyor systems and accessories designed to optimize your production process.

The belt-driven angle transfer ensures a reliable and precise transfer of items in a perpendicular direction. Using a robust belt mechanism, items move smoothly and accurately from the main conveyor to the side-oriented conveyor. This enables efficient and streamlined transportation of items across production areas.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to finding the optimal conveyor solution for your needs.

We understand the importance of efficient logistics and safe handling of goods, which is why we offer modular standard units, including conveyors, turntables, lift tables, angle transfers, vertical conveyors, and much more.

We take pride in offering customized roller spacing that perfectly matches the weight and size of your goods. Whether it’s warehouse facilities, production environments, or other industries, our conveyors ensure smooth and efficient movement of your goods.

If you need advice or want to discuss your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us.