Roller conveyor system for light goods

This conveyor system, comprising the non-driven system Q60 and the driven system Q67, is designed for transportation of light items with an even bearing surfaces such as plastic and cardboard boxes. The system consists of a number of standard components, which can easily be combined with the other Q conveyor systems, examples being straights, curves, merges, cross tables, belts, angle transfers and pusher systems.

Non-driven Roller Conveyors Q62-63

The non-driven roller conveyor system Q60 is designed for handling items with a total weight of up to 200 kg per metre. The advance of the goods is by pushing or by gravity when the conveyor is installed with a fall of 2-5 per cent.


Non-driven roller conveyor Q62

Non-driven roller conveyor Q62

With adjustable height and an adjustable bracket to incline the conveyor. The conveyor is available with PVC rollers with ball bearings.

Non-driven roller conveyor curve

Non-driven roller conveyor curve Q62

with side guides and double PVC rollers with ball bearings.

Non-driven roller conveyor Q63

Non-driven roller conveyor Q63

with adjustable height and adjustable bracket allowing the conveyor to be installed with an inclination.  The conveyor is with ø50 mm steel rollers with ball bearings.

Non-driven roller conveyor

Non-driven roller conveyor Q63

with wheels and adjustable height.

Roller Conveyor Curve

Roller Conveyor Curve, Non-Driven

The non-driven curve, available in 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º, can be supplied with double or conical rollers. Alternatively with PVC or steel wheels.

Container unloading conveyor

Container unloading conveyor

Supplied in sections of 2 or 3 m. The conveyors are with declining supports, from 825 to 600 mm. The conveyors are with coupling brackets and wheels in one end so that you can move the conveyors using the pushing handles.


Conveyor with all-side rollers

Conveyor with all-side rollers

The conveyor can also be supplied with steel balls,

so that the item can be turned in any direction.

Turn Section

Is used as a turntable or as a transfer unit. The turn section is available with all-way-rollers or balls.

Manual Gate

Power-Driven Roller Conveyors Q67 for light items

The driven roller conveyor system Q67 is designed for handling light items. The system comprises among other things roller conveyors with cord-driven steel rollers, curves, turntables, pushers, strap conveyors and transfer units.

The standard components of the Q67 roller conveyor system create the basis for the usually customized conveyor system.

Cord-Driven Roller Conveyor

Is used for handling items with a total weight of up to 200 kg per metre.

Chain conveyor

Driven roller conveyor curve

Curve with conical rolls. Available as 45, 90 and 180 degree curves

Angle transfer combined with a turntable

Belt conveyor combined with driven roller conveyors with a built-in angle transfer.


Is used for changing the direction of transport (from 10º to 270º) and for a 180º turn of items.

Plate turning unit

Strap conveyor

Vertical Lift