Power-driven Roller Conveyors

Here at Q-System, we have extensive expertise in Roller Conveyor systems. With our many years of experience, we specialize in delivering custom solutions for the transportation of pallets and general cargo using a flat, fixed surface.

By choosing Q-System, you not only get reliable and durable high-quality floor conveyor systems, but also our expertise and commitment to finding the best solution for your specific requirements. We are here to help you optimize your logistics and improve your handling of pallets and general cargo.

Kædebane Q89

Q89 Roller Conveyor

Designed for the transportation of heavy items and bulky goods such as pallets in the longitudinal direction. The conveyor is equipped with steel rollers with ball bearings.

The conveyor comes with fixed operation but can also be supplied with accumulating operation, allowing for optimal utilization of the conveyor length. Drive stations can be placed both internally and externally, maximizing the use of the available space. The roller conveyor can also be supplied with roller edges above the side frames, enabling the transportation of items wider than the conveyor.

The driven roller conveyor can be equipped with built-in lift/lower chains, functioning as a 90º and 180º directional transfer.


Chain Conveyor

The 2- and 3-strand chain conveyors are used for horizontal and slightly inclined transportation of pallets and goods with a flat supporting surface.

With a simple control system, it can be used as an accumulating conveyor in step mode.

Delivered with a number of chains based on the weight and size of the goods.

Drejebord med drevet rullebane

Turntable with driven roller conveyor

The driven turntable with chain-driven roller conveyor is designed to change the direction of the goods from 10° to 270°. The turning unit is built on a ball bearing with chain drive.

Drevet drejebord med kædebane

Driven turntable with chain conveyor

Used in transportation lines to change the direction of travel (from 10º up to 270º).

Drejebord med inddækning

Turntable with enclosure

Vinkeloverføring med kæder

Chain-driven directional transfer

Our chain-driven directional transfer is a reliable and efficient solution for transferring items from one conveyor to another in your production process. This unit is designed to enable seamless and precise transfer of items with a change in direction.

The transfer is equipped with chains that pull the items from the incoming conveyor and transport them to the desired outgoing conveyor at an exact angle. This ensures smooth and reliable transfer without the risk of item deviation or mispositioning.

Vinkeloverføring med kæder

Pallet infeed section with brush for cleaning of the pallet bearers

In Norway and Sweden, they use a lot of gravel during the winter. The gravel is crushed rock with sharp edges that get stuck in the pallet bearers and, among other things, damage the rollers in the conveyor system. 

Using the infeed section with brush(es) this problem can be solved. When the truck driver has placed the pallet on the steel construction and pulled back the forks, the rollers are lifted and start up. The pallet runs over the brush that cleans the pallet bearers before the pallet continues into the conveyor system.

The unit shown is designed for cleaning a special pallet with 2 bearers but can of course be designed for all types of pallets and is also supplied with a brush at both ends of the unit.

Drevet transfervogn med scanner

Driven transfer cart with scanner

The rail-driven transfer cart is used for transferring items from one conveyor line to another. The shown model is equipped with a scanner for operation in unguarded areas.


Slat Conveyor

The slat conveyor is used when the transported items are different and require a traversing floor.

The Q89 floor conveyor system is designed to meet the needs of transporting heavy and bulky items such as pallets.


Flexible units for customized cargo handling

The system consists of modular standard units, including chain-driven conveyors, chain conveyors, angle transfers, transfer cars, turntables, slat conveyors, and much more. These units can all be supplied with roller pitches customized to the weight and size of the cargo.

Our chain conveyors in the Q89 system are ideal for horizontal and slightly inclined transportation of pallets and cargo on a flat surface. They can be used as accumulation conveyors in step operation with a simple control system. Our chain conveyors are supplied with a chain count based on the weight and size of the cargo, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation.

Contact us today so that our experienced team can advise you and find the ideal floor conveyor solution that suits your specific needs. We are ready to assist you in optimizing your logistics and improving your handling of pallets and general cargo.