Power-driven Roller Conveyors Q89, Heavy-Duty

This roller conveyor system is designed for handling pallets and other heavy items with an even bearing surface.

The Q89 roller conveyor system comprises modular standard units, e.g. non-driven and chain-driven roller conveyors, chain conveyors, cross tables, chain transfers, turntables, slat conveyors, transfer carts, lifts etc.

All units can be supplied with centre distances based on the weight and size of the goods to be transported.

Chain-Driven Roller Conveyor

The chain-driven roller conveyor is designed for transporting pallets and other heavy items with even bearing surface. 
The conveyor is supplied with constant speed but it can also be supplied with accumulation. The accumlation provides the optimum utilisation of the conveyor line. 
The roller conveyor can also be supplied with the roller top above the frames, enabling goods wider than the conveyor to be transported. 

The driven roller conveyor can be equipped with built-in chains to work as a 90º and 180º transfer section.
The conveyor is with black-painted steel rollers with ball bearings.

Chain Conveyor

Is used for transportation of pallets placed crosswise. Can be supplied with two and three chains.

Slat conveyor

This conveyor type is used when the goods to be handled are not suited for handling on roller conveyors.

Turntable with driven roller conveyor

Driven turntable with chain conveyor

For change of transport direction (from 10º to 270º).

Turntable with cover

Angle transfer by chains for transfer from one conveyor to another

Driven Transfer Cart

The transfer cart is used to transfer items from one line to another.  The cart shown is equipped with a cable chain for power supply.

Driven Transfer Cart

The transfer cart is used to transfer items from one conveyor line to another. The cart shown is with a scanner for driving in an unfenced area.

Battery-driven Transfer Cart

The automatic battery-driven transfer cart is the right choice for long down aisle runs or when the cart runs through fire walls as no cables are involved.

The battery-driven transfer carts have their own PLC-control, which, as an option, can be linked to the production control system via a transmitter and a radio modem on the cart.

Battery-driven Transfer Cart with driven turntable


Lean Connect can be tailored to your existing transport system and equipped with ex. roller conveyor, chain conveyor or belt conveyor.

You can choose from different navigation systems: vision / camera, where the carriage follows a line on the floor, induction cable, which is deposited in the floor, or laser, magnet or contour.

Lean Connect is battery powered and runs between 10 and 12 hours on a charge – with 2 batteries it can run 24 hours a day.


Driven transfer cart with forks (loader)

Used for feeding in and removal of pallets from storage racking.

Driven transfer cart with forks (loader)

Anvendes til ind- og udtag af paller lagret i reol.

Operator-controlled transfer cart with lift

This type of transfer cart is designed according to the individual customer’s needs.

The illustrated version is provided with two roller conveyors and lift, so that the operator can insert / remove the goods in / from the rack in the height of 300 mm, 2.230 mm and 4.380 mm.


The lift is customised to fit the requirements and premises of the individual company, and it can be supplied as a two and four mast lift.

Chain conveyor for check of pallet runners

Defect pallets are problematic when being handled in an automatic conveyor system. Therefore, a check of the pallet runners before the pallet is used in the system can reduce the number of conveyor stops.

The conveyor can be designed for all standard pallet types and sizes.

In-line pallet dispenser.

The inline pallet dispenser form an integrated part of a conveyor system and is designed on the basis of the desired function.

The pallet dispenser can be designed for all common pallet types.