Conveyor system for installation in Atex-classified area.

We are presently installing a conveyor system at Primagaz Sweden.  The system is quite special as it is to be built together with the existing outdoor loading platform, and furthermore that it is being installed in an Atex–classified area.

Thus, we have designed a solution for unloading at the loading platform empty LGP gas bottles from roll cages and for automatic transport into the factory.  When the LGP gas bottles are filled and ready for delivery, our system will load again the bottles into the roll cages and transport the cages to the loading platform for further transport by lorry.

We are specialized in making bespoke handling solutions based on our standard products. This is certainly the case here too.

Due to the explosion risk it is not allowed to take photos in the Atex-classified area, where a part of the conveyor system is installed. Therefore, we can show you only photos of the conveyors in our assembly dept.