Lifting tables with roller conveyor top

Monotonous work, incorrect working postures and heavy lifting and pushing will often cause back and shoulder injuries and/or soreness. In most instances these back and shoulder injuries and sorenesses can be avoided, simply by installing a lifting table.

The Q lifting tables are available in many standard models, they are very flexible and can be easily “tailored” for the specific function required in your production facility.  All of the Q lifting tables can be supplied with driven or non-driven roller conveyor, and with various levels of controls, e.g. from a foot pedal for manual load indexing to automatic photocell control of the lift for automated indexing up or down.

The standard colours are green, blue and grey, but the lifting tables, like all other Q equipment, can also be supplied in the special colour of your choice.

All Q-System lifting tables are CE marked and conform to  the safety regulations within the EU.


Single Scissor Lifting Table

This type can be supplied in a number of versions based on the individual function required.


Double Horizontal Scissor Lifting Table

For handling of long work pieces. Shown here with 2 roller conveyors so that the table can be used for e.g. return transport of the work piece on one of the conveyors.


Double scissor lifting table for heavy goods

Load capacity up to 6 tons



Lifting Table On Wheels

Used for instance in connection with a packing belt.


Lifting Table With Revolving Roller Conveyor

Can be used in connection with finishing and mounting works.


Lifting Table With Stacking Wall

Is often used for stacking and alignment of work pieces after finishing


Low-built lifting table with double rollers

With this lifting table it is possible to feed pallets into a conveyor system using a hand pump truck


U-shaped Lifting Table

which can be fed with a traditional pallet mover.


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