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Q-System transport houses now!

Q-System transport houses now! We has always been good at adapting to the different trends in many different industries. A new industry, which we have focused on, is the modular housing / pavilion building industry, where one has seen a change in which automation is a...

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Q-System and Industry 4.0 fit perfectly together

Q-System and Industry 4.0 fit perfectly together Industry 4.0 is the big buzzword right now. Industry 4.0 is the integration between the digital world and physical production. It is the idea that intelligent, collaborative productions and service networks...

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Ergonomics in focus

Ergonomics in focus What is ergonomics? Ergonomics is the adaptation of work to man. When the work is to be adapted to the employees in the company it is important to take into account the muscles and joints. By planning the work correctly you can minimize...

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Q-System introduce Q-Log

q Q-System introduce Q-Log - A data collection and analysis tool that will optimize production even more.q Until now, Q-System have been known for their modular logistics solutions. Each product is a module you can use just like Lego bricks, to build your very own...

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Q-System named a Gazelle business 2017

Q-System named a Gazelle business 2017 It is said that you can not teach old dogs new tricks - it does not apply when we talk about Q-System. We have been around since 1955 and are today one of the few remaining manufacturers in Denmark of internal...

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