Q-System’s Swedish subsidiary will deliver a complicated conveyor system for Haldex’ new varnishing plant; a plant for many million DKK. Haldex Brake Products in Landskrona wish to streamline their production process through intelligent internal logistics. “This is a strategically interesting order for us, as Haldex is a new and important customer in the automotive segment,” says Q-System Sweden’s director Göran Svanberg, to Metal Supply.
“Our task is to provide a 8-lane buffer system combined with a crane, a so-called Q loader. The plant is 3 floors high and will accommodate 288 pallets.” The transport system needs to be reversed in combination with a new varnishing plant, where pallets will be picked up with respectively uncoated and painted items. The buffer system is then filled and emptied by an AGV at one end. In addition, the system includes a crane, the so-called Q loader, with forks that pick up the pallets and place them in the varnishing cell. Subsequently, pick up the pallets with finished items from the varnishing cell and reinsert them into the buffer store. – When it comes to all types of automation and technical improvements, Haldex Brake Products is on the cutting edge and we are excited to participate in their automation development. Although this system is complex, it is based on our standard products; but obviously adapted to this customer’s needs and production, “says Göran Svanberg, adding that the system will be installed after the summer vacation.