Beslag & Metall of Sweden produce and supply pressed, welded and surface-treated components for the automotive industry.

We, Q-System, have delivered as a turnkey solution the large-scale pallet handling system, which has a starting point in the production, runs through 2 halls and has an end point in the shipping department. We are therefore talking many meters of conveyor.

The conveyor system runs primarily at floor level, but also at roof height to keep gates and floor space free. Therefore, it includes more lifts to transport the pallets up to roof level and down again as well as transfer carts to ensure free space for trucks at the gates.

In addition, the system comprises a pallet destacker, which destacks 2 or 3 pallets with sides, so that they can be strapped one by one, and subsequently a pallet stacker, which stacks 3 pallets in height, so that as many pallets as possible can be buffed up on the outfeed conveyors.

To the right you can see the pallets’ travel all the way from the production to the shipping dept or on full screen using this link: