Q-System transport houses now!

We has always been good at adapting to the different trends in many different industries. A new industry, which we have focused on, is the modular housing / pavilion building industry, where one has seen a change in which automation is a natural development.

As we announced at the beginning of the year, we “landed” a big order from Derome Plusshus in Sweden. Derome Plusshus produces modular houses made of wood built with modern and rational volumetric technology. They deliver industrially optimized and purpose-built apartment complexes and group houses to professional customers in Sweden and Norway.

They have used the automotive assembly line production as an inspiration source in connection with the new factory in Varberg / Varö, which will change the entire concept of building houses.

All building modules for a house are now installed on a long transport system, which includes very long and wide chain conveyors and other handling equipment, so that at the end of the line a fully completed house is ready for pickup with a truck.

All modules are based on Q-System’s standard modules – only on a larger scale. Q-System has among other things developed modules that can handle items up to 12,000 kg.


In addition to the mechanical equipment and associated electrical control we added the extra features Q-data and Q-Log, as a solution to all systems. Via Q-Data you can collect data from the production line and ensure that the flow does not stop, also you can continuously optimize on the flow.

With the Q-Log module you get presented the desired data through an easy and manageable interface that is compatible with all platforms. This means in practice that you can be on the other side of the earth and keep an eye on your production on the phone or tablet.

Now, Derome have gotten their first taste of the new production line, which ends 142 meters long. The first three stations were ready for testing on our factory floor. The three stations consist of 2 specially designed 7-strand chain conveyors, and between the two conveyors a lift is mounted that can handle very heavy items.

At the very first station in the production line, the bottom frame is placed for the house, but the test setup starts at the next position. Here the kitchen and bathrooms are installed, after which the house is transported to the lift where the house is lifted, so that drainage and other pipework can be installed under the house. Finally, the house is lowered and transported to the next station where the production of the house continues.

With the new production line, Derome Plusshus will be able to drive 8 volumes per day.