Essity Hygiene & Health of Sweden producing among other products kitchen towels and toilet paper have decided to place yet another multimillion order with Q-System. This time we are going to design and supply a complex conveyor system to be installed and put into operation before year-end.
“We are delighted in the throughout many years very close co-operation with Essity allowing us to constantly find improvements of their internal logistics, and we look very much forward to supplying this new conveyor system”, says Niels-Erik Lundvig, CEO of Q-System. This project concerns incoming pallets from trucks or railroad. The pallets are often so high that they cannot be placed in the high bay warehouse. Therefore, the upper layers on the pallet need to be removed and placed on another pallet. The too high pallet will therefore be transported automatically into a portal robot which will also automatically de-stack goods until the pallet height allows it to be transported into the high bay warehouse.

The new system is to be linked to the existing system that we delivered earlier. This system transports by lift the pallets into the high bay warehouse which is operated by 6 cranes.

The portal robot, the pallet dispenser, roller and chain conveyors, lift and other units will be produced by Q-System, only the stretch wrapper will be supplied by another company.