Hegron Cosmetics

You simply build a bridge!

Through our Dutch partner, Integrated Logistic Systems (ILS), we supplied a pallet handling system to the company of Hegron, which is a manufacturer of a variety of hair and body care products.
Hegron had built a new warehouse next to the existing building. The problem was, however, that there is a road between the existing building and the new warehouse. To eliminate heavy traffic of trucks across the road the solution chosen was to build a 63 m long, specially designed steel bridge. This bridge starts in the existing building, crosses the road and ends in the newly built warehouse. The part of the bridge, which crosses the road, is actually a tunnel. The majority of the Q-System pallet handling system is installed on this bridge.
 63 m long roller conveyor installed at 5 m’s height
The inlet of the pallet handling conveyor system is placed near production. Here pallets are fed in one by one by pallet jack and transported to a high-speed stretch wrapper. After being wrapped, two labels are automatically placed on the pallet, which then continues into a  high-speed Q System conveyor lift.
This lift takes the pallet almost 5 m up and out onto a 63 m long conveyor installed on the bridge. At the end of this roller conveyor, there is another Q lift returning the pallets to ground level where upon they are picked up by a fork lift truck and either placed in pallet racks or shipped to the customers.
The control system of the new conveyor plant is integrated into Hegron’s  Warehouse Management System.
The product article number on each pallet is scanned when loaded onto the conveyor system enabling personnel to track the pallets on a screen on their way through the plant. This facilitates any further handling of the pallets whether they are going to be sent directly to the customer or being temporarily stored.
Many advantages from transporting pallets on an overhead conveyor
The concept of a bridge has given Hegron many advantages; among
other things the use of fork lift trucks has been considerably reduced.
This has improved the indoor working environment and released personnel for other jobs in the company. And the floor space ratio of the old storeroom has remained the same.
Last, but not least, the control system which comes equipped with a  modem, is making it possible for the ILS service department to couple up  to the system via the internet and correct any control system irregularity. This will, of course, considerably reduce the system’s down time.