Q-system deliver complete system for Ikea supplier in Romania

Q-System have produced solid solutions for all production areas in the wood industry for many years.

Ecolor is a privately owned Swedish company located in Cluj, Romania. The company has 650 employees and produces furniture for export, mainly for IKEA department stores around the world.

Ecolor was founded in 2005. The parent company of Ecolor is Gyllensvaans Möbler in Sweden – a family owned company and furniture manufacturer since 1946 and an IKEA supplier since 1952.

The plant has a surface area of 53,000 m2 and their product range is foiled furniture made of particleboard and MDF. 15-20 trucks or containers are delivered every day from Ecolor.

The factory in Cluj is filled with modules from Q-System, which can stack on several levels, making the best use of the storage space. To be able to stack in different heights, we have developed two custom transfer carts, each with two roller conveyors and lifts, allowing the operator to load goods at the heights of 300 mm, 2230 mm, and 4380 mm. A task such as this can only be solved with a custom-made construction, which is one of our major strengths.

Recently, we have installed 6 manned transfer carts, 4 of which are with 2 lifting tables with one roller conveyor each. The last 2 are each with a roller conveyor. On these manned transfer carts, the operator controls the cart via a joystick and loading and removing goods via pushbuttons on the control desk.


From Scandinavia into the rest of the world

Ecolor is a perfect example of how Q-System work. We make special solutions to the Scandinavian market and to Scandinavian customers who have a global presence.

As mentioned earlier, Ecolor is a subsidiary of Gyllensvaans Möbler in Sweden. Gyllensvaans Möbler in Sweden is a good customer of Q-System and has been for many years – therefore, there was no hesitation that we should deliver the system to Ecolor in Romania.

As we previously have delivered a 3-level storage unit with a vertical conveyor at both ends to Gyllensvaans Furniture, we had developed a capital and workflow that could be duplicated to the project in Romania.

We are known for delivering complete systems throughout Scandinavia and it is no coincident. The customer experience must always be on top and we have a good organization to service all of Scandinavia and therefore we can do projects that we can install ourselves.

In the rest of the world, in this case Romania, we send supervisors where Ecolor bring the installers to install the system. That is how, Q-System can deliver complete projects throughout the world.