Essity Hygiene and Health AB have placed an order at Q-System to help them replace a large part of their existing transport facilities. The decision was taken in light of the existing plant was so old that it could not guarantee the pallet production flow. The system transports pallets from their own production to their high storage, and pallets arriving by train and truck to be stored in the high storage. Q-System Sverige AB got the green light to deliver this complex conveyor system, to be installed in the fall of 2018. “We are very proud and happy that we have gotten the confidence to deliver this conveyor system,” says Göran Svanberg, CEO of Q-System Sverige AB. ” One of the major challenges in the project is that they want to keep some of the existing conveyors and replace the rest, which means that all sections need to be customised and adapted to match the existing plant. We also have to deliver and replace a vertical lift as a large part of the pallet flow comes from one floor and goes up to the high storage.”
”The next challenge is that the assembly will take place while the production runs, which places great demands on us during the assembly and commissioning. There are six high storage cranes which are fed with 200 pallets per hour from the system, and you can only stop one crane at a time due to the high pallet flow. Nothing can go wrong and we must make sure, that we can replace the old one with the new one in one day.” “Q-System delivers the mechanics and is responsible for assembly in close collaboration with Essity, which will hire external suppliers for the electrical control and help with the installation.” “Although this task is complex, we base the solution on our standard products, and then customize them to this exact project. It’s one of the strengths of Q-System. ” “As we design and manufacture all our products in our own factory, we are very experienced in building custom internal logistics systems”, completes Göran Svanberg.