Until now, Q-System have been known for their modular logistics solutions. Each product is a module you can use just like Lego bricks, to build your very own customized solutions. Just from the Q63 conveyors for light cargo up to the Q89 conveyors for goods over 1000 kg/m, for AGVs and pallet dispensers and everything in between. All of these modules can be used individually or combined for complete systems.

The latest addition are actually two modules to expand and optimize existing plants or add them to new plants. They are the Q-Data and Q-Log.

The Q-Data module is a data collection module. It is a database for communication between plc controllers and for example, existing WMS systems. For the Q-Data module, you can add several elements such as receptacle handling, material handling, identification, for example through barcodes, communication between existing and future machines, etc. The possibilities to collect all the data you need are numerous.

Once all data is collected, the Q-Log comes into play. The Q-Log is a web-based production log and presentation tool that sets up your data so it’s easy to analyze. For example, you can include operating status, usage status, etc.

You can receive custommade reports every day, week, month, or whenever you need it, and just the data you’d like to see. As it is web-based, all data is available on all platforms – be it PC, tablet or mobile, and it is possible to show them on a big screen out in the production so everyone can follow the development.

In this way you can track your production anywhere in the world just through your smartphone.