This is how you optimise your production – Q Lean Connect AGV

AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle. It is a mobile robot that follows markers or wires in the floor or uses vision, magnets, or lasers for navigation. They are most often used in industrial applications to move materials around a manufacturing facility or warehouse.

A Q Lean Connect saves you lots of time and energy picking up and delivering items, allowing you to use the time more effectively on other matters. Not only will your production be optimized, the working conditions and environment of your staff will also be improved due to for instance reduced truck driving and less manual goods handling.

We have compiled a top 5 list of the advantages of a Q Lean Connect

1. The Lean Connect can be designed to fit your existing conveyor system and be equipped with e.g. a roller conveyor, a chain conveyor or a belt conveyor

2. The standard model can transport pallets of up to 1.200 kg, and other types of goods with an even bearing surface

3. By installation of a Lean Connect, you can reduce by half the pick-up and delivery time and hereby make your production more efficient

4.You can choose from more navigation systems:
vision/camera; the cart will follow a line on the floor, an inductive cable in the floor or laser, magnet or contour.

5. The Lean Connect is battery-driven. It can operate for 10-12 hours on one charge and by using two batteries it can run 24 hours a day