Lantmännen Cerealia in Vejle is part of the Lantmännen Group, which is an agricultural cooperative and is the Nordic region’s leading player in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food. Lantmännen is owned by 25,000 Swedish farmers, employs 10,000 employees, operates in 20 countries and has a turnover of SEK40 billion. Lantmännen Cerealia develops, produces and markets a wide range of healthy and nutritious foods. At the factory in Vejle they handle flour and oatmeal in bags. These bags must be palletized, foiled and transported for distribution.
This is where Q-System have the recipe for success. The system consists of intelligent standard and special modules from Q-System, as well as 8 robot cells, to handle the bags of flour and oatmeal as they come in as individual packages until they are palletized in the lorries on their way to the consumers. Along the way, the pallets are lifted up by a vertical lift to be transported over a bridge and down by another lift to the warehouse, where the lorries collect the pre-packed pallets. Conversely, empty pallets are sent back over the bridge so the packaging keeps a continuous flow.
The system is fully automated. The empty pallets are delivered, via the vertical lift, to some driven transfer carts. They transport the pallets to 3 In-line pallet dispensers, which automatically send an empty pallet when needed. This empty pallet is then filled with the bags of oatmeal or flour with the help of a robot. Then they are automatically taken on to be foiled and transported to the vertical lift – and then the process repeats.