Copenhagen Airport has received new custom-designed security check-ins.

The Copenhagen Airport is one of the world’s top-rated airports due to its focus on safety, precision, efficiency, interior design and fulfilment of customer/passenger requirements. The threat of terrorism is always first priority and at many airports around the world this means that passengers have to put up with a long and tiresome process with long waits in lines.

It is not like this at the Copenhagen Airport. Safety is first priority of course but it is also their philosophy that a stay at the airport should be a leasant experience to the customer/passenger. The baggage check-in should be swift and so the security check on the passenger.

The airport finger C was recently face lifted and extended. Therefore, additional security check facilities were needed. These facilities should be like the existing ones, i.e. equipped with a roller conveyor to transport the trays with the passengers’ hand luggage to and from the scanner, but they should be with new features too. The company of WO Interior, experts at making stylish industrial design, and we, Q-System, were assigned the job to develop these new security check facilities.

Many Parameters Had to Come Together

The assignment required a close co-operation with the airport’s technical staff on issues such as safety, technical solutions, efficiency measures  and not least on creating better and less stressful working conditions for  the security staff. It required also a close co-operation with WO Interior,  who designed the stylish exterior with exquisite smooth linoleum-covered sides and nicely sweeping steel coverings of edges etc.

It has been an exciting experience to develop the prototype which has resulted in four facilities already in use and another three still in production at Q-System. As usual the passenger will push his tray ahead to the scanner but a built-in blade stop will automatically prevent too many trays from entering the scanner at a time.

If the scanner operator doesn’t feel comfortable about the contents of a  tray he can by pushing a button transfer the tray to a reject conveyor for a manual check or an automatic return for a re-scan.

If the contents of the tray are OKed, the tray continues down the line and the passenger can pick up his things at the end of the line. Self-service  applies, i.e. the passenger will push his tray onto a conveyor which will automatically transport the tray to the starting point to be handed out to another passenger.

User-friendliness and Ergonomics

With its automatic functions the new security check facility provides a less stressful working day as the staff needs no longer carry the stacks of trays back to the starting point and they need not keep an eye on trays always being available to the passengers. They can now concentrate more on giving the passengers a pleasant experience with a friendly atmosphere and short waits.

It is not only the Danish airports that focus on other issues than safety like for instance staff ergonomics and customer-friendliness. Therefore, we  hope to be able to introduce our security check solution to other  European airports – one of these could be the Oslo Airport.